Independent Living, Assisted Living & Memory Support Communities throughout Nebraska, Iowa & Arizona


Independent Living

  • Beautifully-landscaped, secured outdoor courtyard
  • Breakfast & lunch served daily in our full-service, restaurant-style dining room (option of dinner available)
  • Private dining room available for parties and social gatherings
  • Bi-weekly housekeeping and laundry (sheets/towels)
  • Recreational trips and extensive activities


Assisted Living

  • Beautifully-landscaped, secured outdoor courtyard
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily in our full-service, restaurant-style dining room
  • Daily snacks
  • Private dining room available for parties and social gatherings
  • Weekly housekeeping and laundry (sheets and towels)



Memory Support Suites

  • Certified and attentive care staff on-site 24/7 trained in accordance with the guidelines of the Alzheimer's Association of America
  • Personalized care including medication management, bathing, dressing, grooming, ongoing orientation and guidance
  • Optimum staff-to-resident ratio
  • Engaging, multi-sensory activities
  • Planned and spontaneous activities
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Floor Plans

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It’s the Little Things That Matter Most

It is my pleasure to nominate Terry Sheppard for the Surprise and Delight award.
Terry is so kind and welcoming to everyone that is in his presence. His thoughtfulness and kind heart is what touches our residents and leaves imprints in their hearts forever.
It was my pleasure to be acquainted with one of our independent living residents, Gail. Gail explained to me one day that he was in need of a new pair of shoes. He tells me that he was looking for a pair of shoes that fit him just right. He had recently purchased many different kinds of shoes but none that felt correct. He showed me all of the shoes that he had bought recently. As he was walking me through his apartment and he got teary eyed and said that he would like to show me something quite special. He walked me into his kitchen and there on his counter was a box. This was a shoe box and in it seemed to be a brand new pair of brown leather Velcro shoes. Gail tells me that this particular pair of shoes is very special to him because they were worn by a Veteran. He tells me they were so special to him he wasn’t for sure if he should even wear them as he wanted to cherish them. Gail proceeds to tell me that he himself is a Veteran and he proudly served our country many moons ago. I asked Gail if he would like to try on these shoes and wear them around his apartment to break them in. Again very teary eyed Gail stated he wasn’t ready just yet to do that, but would be soon. What was so special is just this. Gail confides in me that our very own Terry Sheppard gave him these special shoes. You see Terry had recently lost his father and these were the shoes that his father once wore. He could have gotten rid of them but kept them instead. When Terry found out that Gail was on the hunt for a perfect pair of shoes it dawned on him that he had his father’s shoes and how perfect that would be to give them to Gail to wear. Terry went searching in his garage and found them. Fortunately they were the right size and style of shoes Gail wore. Gail has been so touched and honored to be given these shoes.
Sometimes the smallest gestures in life can leave great big impressions. Terry has defiantly done this for our resident Gail Farrell.

Thank you

Heritage Ridge

Choose Your Own Adventure

We offer a variety of daily activities and special outings, from movie showings and trivia games to dining out at area restaurants. There’s something for everyone.


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What’s For Dinner?

It’s your choice. Our restaurant-style dining features open dining hours so you can eat when you want, sit where you like and choose from a wide variety of delicious favorites and daily specials. One thing we guarantee—the coffee’s always fresh and so is the conversation.


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